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  1. Thank you. It's not important enough to copy an paste hundreds of posts but it is important enough to salvage in some way! When I try to export it - it tries to do the whole site (which is huge) rather than just the one blog
  2. Thank you - I've heard about this, wasn't sure how much I could trust it to work but I will maybe give it go. The weird thing is I've managed to move some of the posts (as shown on the screen shot) but others have disappeared - no longer on the old site but not appeared on the new one? Any ideas on this at all?
  3. Site URL: https://www.rickiejosen.com/ Hello I have 2 sites, I want to move all the blog posts from one to the other. From Squarespace to Squarespace - on the same account. Surely as it's all on the same account I should be able to 'select all' and move? It doesn't work. They disappear, don't turn up anywhere. Any ideas appreciated. Moving from rickiejosen.com to rickiejosen.co.uk
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