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Critique on my site

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Site URL: https://www.artofmachine.com/

Hi all,

lockdown has got my creative (ish - you decide) juices flowing. I made a website over the weekend to help promote my small business.

At this stage product images are basic (awaiting a product photographer when the world calms down) and some of the a cover photos are more placeholder images (especially the welcome/home page).

Tell me what you think!?

Much appreciated.


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hey. when i first loaded the site I did not expect that landing page! it is very pretty. I know you mentioned that the photos are a cover but I like the sleekness of it. But the text is hard to see, the white does not really stand out from the car meaning that I when I look at it I can't really tell what it has to say (I have to look longer, mainly for the right side of the text). If there is a way u can add a drop shadow to the text or add black on the photo where the text would be on the photo (you can lower the opacity) - not so much that it covers the car but just slightly so the text is easier to read. I also like the instagram feature, but I can't remember in SS if you can add an option to hover over the posts and when u click on it, it will take u to that post (but maybe u dont want ppl to leave ur site?). Also the colour of the subscribe to art... is bit dark in comparison to the background colour so may be make the text slightly lighter but I like how it's not too in ur face. Also, maybe u can add a go to top button at the bottom of ur page or in ur footer (it's not a button/option in SS so u will have to add code - u can google it there is quite a bit on it). Also, is there a particular reason why the page is called 'online shop' and not 'shop'? Do u have a physical store too because otherwise u can just put 'shop' which is more concise and ppl will know that it is online. I really like the page where it asks u to select a brand - I think it looks really nice and clean (if u get what I mean). It would be cool if there was an option/circle to view all brands (in the logo overview as well - I know there is one once u click on a brand). Maybe u could reduce the content height (I think it's called), so there is less of the photo and more of the logos (I attached a screenshot of what I meant). Maybe this is just my laptop but what is that white border at the top for? And maybe I'm just stupid but I did not know what bespoke meant when I clicked on it (if I wasn't reviewing ur site perhaps I may not have clicked on it unless I was really interested). Googled to find out it meant custom, perhaps that is a better word to use? It's more universal (bespoke is mainly/just British) and is more obvious as to what it means. However, bespoke does look and sound nice. I would say think about ur target audience and decide if they would understand what it meant. Also, I think ur footer should not be white. I think it ruins the aesthetic, I think it should be the same colour as the background. It is a sudden and harsh change (in colour) and especially on the logos page where the logo space (so the logos and the bg colour) is quite small (in height) it doesn't look nice for the bottom to switch to white. I think u should keep it the same colour. And the instagram icon in the footer in my opinion I like it better without the black background so it was just the icon being black without the background (I'll attach a photo of what I mean). I like how the photo of the product once hovered changes to a picture of the car - nice touch! And I like how ur footer text is laid out and I would say get rid of the 'powered by squarespace' part. Also in the product about section it has 'Medium 100cm (27mm Thickness)' does it have a height measurement too so eg: 100 x 50 x 27? (and is the thickness meant to be in mm or cm because I don't get why the measurements are diff, it might be confusing if a user is quickly reading over and assumes they are both in cm). But I like the slideshow of photos with the product. All in all I'm very impressed! (please do not take anything I said as being rude and I'm sorry if I came across that - that was not my intention - I'm just trying to help you by giving thorough feedback that you may not get elsewhere. Also, I'm really into graphic design which is why I may seem very 'picky' but I'm just very interested in ur site). Overall, a great and sleek site :)

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 16.53.12.png

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 17.00.16.png

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 16.47.29.png

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The top header is quiet nice! 🙂

I might have some advices for your button (the first one): the hiver state is with a different opacity which might be confusing (it looks like disabled). Usually, when it's hover we try to make sure the button looks with an positive reaction... This one looks like to disappear

Your line weight are a bit unbalance: little tips, for small font use 120% and big one 150%. It's the best in term of readibility.

This is reaaalllly tiny tiny and impossible to read:
"We respect your privacy and never share your info." 

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