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  1. @bangank36 I really don't know what to say, it works perfectly!!! Please, is there a way to pay you for this, even if something small? Thank you!
  2. The site's url is penguin-jellyfish-6sz8.squarespace.com (pass : 123) but it's just for experimenting, you'll find the image cards at the bottom of the homepage. Also, some texts are fake, again I'm experimenting before the final design. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I am a wedding videographer and I'm experimenting with some designs in a trial site in order to redesign my main site and would like to use poster images. This is what it looks on Desktop, it's quite beautiful, Squarespeace has very nice designs. But when I switch to mobile it gets all tangled up like this, So I'm wondering is it possible to change things (only in mobile view) so the text and button appear under the photo? I also like very much a colleague's website design in mobile, so is it possible to be like this with CSS? Please
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