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  1. PS- Just tried it --- but doesn't seem to work in Firefox...
  2. @YoDawg -- thanks so much for this.... And how would I make it an arrow?
  3. I'd like to create a bouncing down arrow like the one on this website: https://www.cookmellow.com/ It would be within the index pages of Brine / Marta template -- so that people know to scroll down (particularly on homepage)... Thanks a lot
  4. Hi @Alex -- Thanks. This works great on the product list page - but then price still shows on the product detail page, along with an ADD TO CART button (which is very confusing). Would you mind to let us know how to get rid of price and add to cart on that page?Thanks a lot
  5. Actually just figured it out: .sqs-block-content a, .sqs-block-content a:visited {border: none !important;}
  6. @cris62 did you ever figure this out? I tried the following in the CUSTOM CSS tab but it didn't seem to work .sqs-block-content a, .sqs-block-content a:visited {text-decoration: none !important;} ANYONE have a solution?thanks
  7. @ARES - Thanks so much for the code above. It works for the most part, but the SECONDARY NAVIGATION now disappears. Oddly not on all pages, but on most. And the pages it does show up on, however, it is in the wrong place, appearing all the way at top of screen. Any suggestions for how to resolve this? I can send links if needs be. Thanks a lot
  8. @szs - thanks for this code, but I don't see any difference in size of the spacers. Is there something that needs to be changed with the vsize-1 which appears to be the default setting?
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