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  1. Im a bit confused. I assume you mean they are the same size as when uploaded? Because the resolution for the images on this page is definitely not all the same HxW dimensions: http://janeyudelman.com/news/ Just asking for my edification.
  2. I should point out this instruction is to hide the object on mobile devices. To resize I can provide instruction if you show me the site.
  3. You should probably had started your own thread for this. Its not too late. ;-p
  4. Detecting mobile devices is never 100% as far as I am aware, but if anyone knows a method that is 100% it can be adapted to the solution. I would just assume the tour should not be visible in browsers if the resolution is less than 600x800, because that is presumably a tablet or mobile device. In that case, insert your vtour in a code block using the html embed tag (not the embed block). <embed class="v-tour-object" "src="http://www.makevt.com/media/tourmaker/czyaqkfmno/" height=100% width=100%/> Then use some js in your sites code injection to disable the display if the reso
  5. The image is definitely scaled down but I dont know the reason why it happened. I think you can fix it however. Instead of choosing a static width its probably better to use 100% so it scales with page resizing. Add this to your header code injection: <script> if(window.location.pathname.indexOf('blogger-roundups') > -1) { document.write('<style type="text/css">.sqs-block-image .intrinsic { margin: auto; min-width: 100%;}</style>') } </script> I notice you have a bunch of blogs, so instead of just focusing on the australian-bloggers page this sho
  6. Id have to see the images before upload and after to tell you why they are a different size than the original, but the dimensions should scale perfectly. Go to the page @jane linked and see that some images are 600x600, some are 400x600. Now if you have two images with two different dimensions, how do you suppose you make them the same size? Crop or skew the image. Generally we dont want that unless we are thumb-nailing. Alternatively you can either resolve in that your images can differ in width but all must be the same height, or differ in height but all the same width. I think for your
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