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  1. After I posted my comment I looked over the code again and realized my mistake and changed it so it worked! I then edited my comment and your email must have only showed the first one I wrote. I seriously can't thank you enough man. You rock.
  2. Update #2: I gave up on a sweet cover page for www.rockreachhouse.com. You let me down @eanderson.
  3. Update: I've sadly switched to only one photo as the slideshow moves too damn quickly. www.rockreachhouse.com
  4. @McLean25 Thanks for digging deeper. This simple option seems like a modest request for SS to honor. Right @eanderson?
  5. I completely agree. I know the cover pages are supposed to be simple and static but the slideshow moves WAY to fast. www.rockreachhouse.com See how it just feels too fast? SQUARESPACE PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION!! Or any CSS wizards out there have any suggestions?
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