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  1. Hey Colin, I just tried doing this as it sounds like I'm looking to achieve the same thing, and it didn't work. Any reason why? Does the "collection-5d...etc" not apply to me? What's the general code that could be broadly applied to all of these page types in one fail swoop, or what is the code that needs to be added to each page? Thank you in advance for any info.
  2. Site URL: http://www.davidzamdmer.com I've got the Lange template and while I've used Project pages thus far, a recent email from Squarespace has me trying a "Blank" page approach. The issue I'm running into immediately is that I can't get the content well to be as wide as it is automatically is with Project pages (100%, or flush with the outer Left and Right margins). I tried injecting code found on these forums within the Settings > Advanced section, but it just runs the text above the header of the site and has no other impact on the design. What is the right code and where should I be placing it in order to affect pages of this kind? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. REVISION: I plugged the below code into the field in Design > Custom CSS, but it affected all pages, including the Project pages. #page { max-width: 100%; margin: 140px; padding: 0; } Any way to have it only affect these "Blank Pages"/"New Pages"?
  3. Is there a way to do this with CSS code without affecting the PREV/NEXT CTAs?Thanks in advance.
  4. @tazmeah Brilliant! Your original answer post worked perfectly for me. Thank you! Now is there any code you know of to get rid of the "SHOW THUMBNAILS" text on single-image gallery pages in WELLS? My site is the following: davidzamdmer.com THANKS AGAIN!
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