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  1. Thanks but now is worst, it looks like this: I prefer the little horizontal scrolling hehe!
  2. Thanks! It makes a little horizontal scrolling, but it's OK, lot better than before Thumbs up!
  3. Sorry, abusing of your good vibe hehe, I found that on mobile the web shows 2 items per row and it looks awful ... Any idea on how to put it like desktop version (1 item per row)? THANKS A LOT
  4. Site URL: https://austyn.es/ Hi there! Hope someone can help with this one. My site: https://austyn.es/ I have an index page with the portfolio. The index thumb titles are centered between works, and I would like to have the title closer to it´s own imagen. Now it looks like this and I would like to have it like the red arrow indicates: To finally look something like this (each work with it´s title below, then the space and the other work...) If I use 2 items per rows it works better, but I really want just 1 work per row: Any
  5. Hi to all! This is driving me crazy.... I put text to my site instead of a Logo, but I can't figure out how to align the text to the navigation bar... Any ideas? I´m on Avenue, SS 7.0 THANKS!
  6. Thanks Paul, If I choose Slideshow, a rare band appears at the bottom of the thumbnails. And the CSS trick doesn't work for me... Let´s see if SS solves this, I already talked to them. Thanks,
  7. Site URL: https://babui.es/tienda/p/jelou Hi to all, I have upload 5 images to my product and they look good BUT at the end I can see like a collage of the previous 5 images... Here is the link of the product design page: https://babui.es/tienda/p/jelou Attached is the collage. Is like a bug right? Thanks for the help!
  8. Wow, fast response! Yes I tried that but I want to upload (for example) a 200px wide image and show it like 100px wide, so it looks sharp on retina displays.
  9. Hi Paul, I found this very useful but I have one more question: I did it your way but I have to put white space to the icons, because if I don´t do i the icon takes the full box width and it looks enormous. In the first attachment you can see the white space I have to add to the right (I want the icons align left) so they look small as I want. In the second attachment you'll see what happens if I don´t put white space and just upload the icon as a full image (without margins) Is there a way to put the icon small and with space to the sides or one side and avoid put that spa
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