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  1. Thank you, tuanphan. I actually did finally figure out a way to solve the problem, which involved clicking a lot of style preferences! lol. Many thanks!
  2. York evidently only allows for 4 Styles -- Normal, Hdg 1, Hdg 2 and 3. Client prefers a small font for footer, but the footer is automatically set to Normal, with no way to make it smaller than content style. would appreciate any help with this. Here's the site: https://www.aaronbutlerart.com/ Many thanks in advance.
  3. Want to remove the Banner space in York template, so that artwork is near to header. Any help is greatly appreciated. cheers, MK
  4. Want to get rid of the banner space in the York template, so that the artwork sits close to header. Tried to put the artwork in a Project page, but can't seem to change the Project page so that it will show two artworks next to each other (as shown). Any help is deeply appreciated! thanks, MK
  5. Am doing a portfolio for an artist, the paintings are different sizes. have tried Wells (forces everything to be same size), Flatiron cuts off the top of the artwork on the top row. any suggestions?
  6. Have done six websites in Squarespace, but with this project, am going a tad nuts. The client has artwork that is different sizes, though it basically breaks down to three different sizes. Have installed Wells (forces all artwork to be same size), Flatiron (cuts off the artwork), and wondering if anyone can suggest a template that allows me to size the artwork. Thank you in advance.
  7. Actually I found the fix. There is something wrong with the Slideshow / Carousel feature on Ishimoto template. I worked for hours creating new pages, some with Slideshow, some without. Answer was clear, my images were well-sized, but came out blurry when using Slideshow / Carousel feature. So, all fixed, took the carousel out, and all is fine. Here's the site, if you're interested. https://www.johnpackard.com/
  8. Am a graphic/web designer for over 25 years, so I understand importance of image size. But the images on the slideshow are now all blurry and heavily pixelated when on Chrome browser. Phone display and display on other browsers is fine. Other images on the website display fine. Anyone else having this problem? Is it with the slideshow itself? Thank you in advance. MK
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