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  1. The best third party solution IMO is pixieset because of its ability to hook in custom domains. The only downside is the inability to customise the look and feel but the big upside is clent password guest password download pin simple but beautiful custom mail templates customer tutorial built in on how to access photos ability to set gallery front page as app bookmark on the phone An AWESOME custom LightRoom plugin that links collections directly to the client gallery my main site palmlightstudios.com - pixieset galleries = galleries.palmlightstudios.com
  2. Use Fotomerchant instead - its a fully integrated display and fulfillment engine designed specifically for what you want. Squarespace is too limited for what you are after. I moved my site to fotomerchant and it works like a dream and they are improving their templates going forward. paintedbythesun.com the editing engine is not as good but with the recent release of custom CSS there is now enough flexibility to get a truly great website operational with photographer fulfillment integration. For example I shoot rodeo and campdrafts locally - provide a capability to download small digital
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