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  1. Ahhh. Now I see. To do that, you'd need to to create separate pages for your categories.Right now it just scrolls down the same page, so I'm sure it's messing with the css/html.But,If you break off those categories into separate distinct pages, then put those in a folder titled OUR PRODUCTS it will do that. I actually think it'd endup looking a bit more tidy that way. I'm always a fan of minimalist building though.The scrolling background pics you have are cool, but you might have to simplify to get the effects you'd like.Here's my site, done on bedfored: http://www.wrenandcuff.com/site/the-stompboxes
  2. Hi there. I understand that it is your website, so you want it to look a specific way, but just as an FYI, in modern web design, on a navigation menu, you generally don't want the link-active action to take over.That's considered kind of dated in the web world. The logic is that people are aware now that as soon as they hover over the nav, it will show as active (like the way your text color changes on hover). Also, most browsers show the annoying line under links whick ruins the elegant part of the design.However, you can go into your DESIGN--->STYLE EDITOR then play around with the colors to make them pop a little more. The gray color on your site is pretty passive. There are options to change those colors, etc. under the navigation tab.hope this helps.-m
  3. Have you tried using link pages in a folder?I can explain this, but don't want to waste time if you've already tried it
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