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  1. After a bit of delving around and googling, I have found the answer to my own question! I haven't been able to remove the 'Subscribe via email' link in the Comments box of my blog post, but I have however found a little piece of CSS code to change the text from black to white, which effectively makes the link disappear! I used this custom CSS code .subscribe-control { color: #ffffff } Feeling quite pleased that little old me with very little knowledge of coding managed to figure this out. This solves the problem of my blog posts having two separate Subscribe links, leaving only my Mailc
  2. I have added a Mailchimp RSS subscription form to my Blog page sidebar. As I now have this link, I want to be able to delete the 'Subscribe via email' link in the comments box on a blog post. This link asks readers to create a Squarespace account, which is confusing and unnecessary now I have the Mailchimp RSS. How can I delete this? There doesn't seem to be any editing function for this link.
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