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  1. Site URL: https://www.civicchangemakers.com Hi. I am adding some cookies to my site. When I run a test java script on my computer on a blank test.html file (on just localhost) I see the cookie is set. When I test the same script directly on my site as code injection on a particular page again the cookie sets fine. However, when I get on the Squarespace server and add the same simple script, the cookie does not set. The localhost:9000 loads fine. After I click save on the code editor, I never see the cookie set. I have cleared the cache. Restarted and reinstalle
  2. Site URL: https://www.civicchangemakers.com/codecivic Hello All: I want to lock down a page on my site so that it can not be accessed by typing in the direct url. I only want a person to be able to access this specific page if they are coming from a consent page. This project site (for a virtual hack-a-thon) is for middle and high-school students. Before they can access the "get-started page" which will have a sign-up form, they will need to first go to the parental consent page (a form) have their parents complete it and then after the consent form is completed, be able to go to
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