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  1. We are good, it works. I must have entered it wrong earlier!
  2. Changing to "thumb-image" worked!!! But now when I add over 3 images it defaults to the image before we started all of this. How can I add more?
  3. One other note! I noticed that this is considered a hidden page. Technically the link is www.taylordonsker.com/home. Does that change anything?
  4. I also tried simply using your code as is but it also didn't work on my page.
  5. I gave it a shot, but still no lucky. So what I did was replace the image links with my own image links from various pages of my website. I limited it to three variable images to keep it as similar as possible to your code. I also tried deleting the image image in the image block to see if they would just fill it, but it didn't work either.
  6. I made the homepage www.taylordonsker.com though the code does not seem to work so far.. let me know what you think?
  7. Wow that is amazing. I haven't tried yet but will let you know my results. I did plan to add a home page for this feature.
  8. I am trying to create a homepage gallery wherein each time you visit, the background image is different. I am imagining that you create a gallery with some sort of code that alternates the image for each revisit to that page. Sorry to be picky, but I do not want the background to change while you are on it, just each time you revisit the page. Please see this website for an explanation. Each time you hit refresh, the background changes on the homepage: bddw.com Thank you!
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