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  1. Agreed that's a lot of work. Have you (or anyone else) had any experience using these services? https://tapfiliate.comhttp://www.leaddyno.com/http://www.idevdirect.com/idevaffiliate.phphttp://www.revjoin.com/
  2. Would love to offer some influencers the opportunity to sell my products. Is there a way to do this in Squarespace so it’s seamlessly tracked on my backend? If it’s not through SS, is there a third party that will help me do this?
  3. While I've never tried segmenting in MailChimp (or automated list assigning) you can come close manually with different/unique blocks. You can create a few different lists and then have entries added to those specific lists using different form blocks/newsletter blocks. For example, to add someone to a ‘new product updates’ list, you can create a list like this in MailChimp and then tell users to sign up for product updates on your site. Then assign that particular block to enter the customer data into your ‘new product updates’ list on MailChimp. Rinse and repeat for various lists. Having
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