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  1. Thanks so much! Here's the development site: https://rachel-pereira-8nj0.squarespace.com/agreement/
  2. Thanks, @tryingtobehelpful, the latter mostly worked...captions under input fields are now fixed. (THANK YOU!) Do you know what the text in a "Text Form Field" is called in CSS code so that I can add that to your fix above? The text under "Agreement" in my above example is still unchanged by the code you suggested. Thanks again for your generous help :) Rachel
  3. (I am using Dovetail, but can’t find an answer to this question here at Answers for any template.) In a Form Block, I am using a multi choice checkbox question. Squarespace automatically formats the options users can select from and the text is tiny – some visitors may have trouble reading text this size, so I’d like to edit it to be a little larger. If you need this feature, too, please vote for it! Attached is another example of how I am using a Form Block in Bedford and why I need to edit the text size.
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