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  1. Thanks @Penia !!Good idea. It's a little messy but it works. :) Anyone looking at the normal site can't tell. Since my template (Dovetail) uses a submenu on all these pages, I added this code to the pages in the folder to hide the "extra" links on the submenu: #folderNav nav ul>:nth-child(2){display: none;} #folderNav nav ul>:nth-child(3){display: none;} ...and so on. So, it went from this: to this: PS: Yes, Russian :)
  2. I also tried writing more specifically "page-collection" in an attempt to exclude the pages in the folders, but I got the same result. .collection-534d7eb8e4b086578f1df960 #topNav nav ul li.page-collection:nth-child(2){display:none} .collection-534d7eb8e4b086578f1df960 #topNav nav ul li.page-collection:nth-child(3){display:none}
  3. Okay, I used this method successfully with the Dovetail template, but the problem is that when I hide (for example) the "second child" in my main navigation, it also hides the "second child" of any folders I have. For example, I typed .collection-534d7eb8e4b086578f1df960 #topNav nav ul>:nth-child(2){display: none;} .collection-534d7eb8e4b086578f1df960 #topNav nav ul>:nth-child(3){display: none;} And now the second and third items of my folder ("????????") are hidden. (Normally there are three pages in the folder.) Help? Maybe @rwilson? Ideas on how to fix this? Here's what it looks like: Compare with the English version (which hides nth-child(7-13) instead):
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