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  1. I did just that in the comment directly above yours.
  2. I'm still getting a ton of traffic from this page, and often get emails asking from people asking me to help.. My solution was to hire a Squarespace developer and have him take care of it for me. Your site will have to run in developer mode and there is custom coding involved. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck.
  3. @brianyhearne Guess what? Turns out you can add a text block to the top of a gallery page. Take a look - www.dcbryan.com/travel/ In order to do this, I had to flip my site into developer mode. I understand SS doesn't offer support for this, but they should at least understand what'd possible using dev mode. I'd have much preferred the answer - Yes it is possible but it will require custom coding which we can't help you with.
  4. Surprised again by the lack of meaningful support offered by Squarespace. No phone support all. With the ticket email support, I feel like I'm talking to a bot whose just pasting answers from a script. And out of the last 20 questions asked on the forum, only 4 have replies. If you're trying to do something a little beyond the normal user, good luck, you'll be on your own out here.
  5. I know similar questions have been asked, but I haven’t found any answers yet. I’m using the Wexley template. All I want to do is give this gallery a couple lines of text between it and the navigation. Squarespace support’s answer was: Since you’re using a Gallery Page, you can’t insert extra content blocks. You could alternatively use a regular page for your gallery and then use Gallery Blocks and Text Blocks to accomplish a similar look to your home page, but you’ll lose the design aspects of the template specific Gallery Page. The only other way to accomplish this would be thro
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