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  1. I want to make the exact same thing here, is it possible @tuanphan ? In Design / Site Style / Events, you can choose to show "Stacked view" but it affects both "all events page" and "individual event". https://www.scrum.mx/evento <- this is stacked in the event list page, this is horrible because of the BIG 1:1 thumbnail. The NOT stacked view (columns) works better, but it changes the individual event too. https://www.scrum.mx/evento/management30/27-abril-14-mayo/2020 <- this is an individual event stacked too, this works fine. But could be great if we can show "Not stacked view" in the "all events page". But keep the stacked view on the individual page. Attached images of the change. Is there a workaround to do this? Many thanks
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