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  1. Just wondering if code is needed to stack product categories on mobile view.... if so, how? ... thought maybe there would be a setting of some type for mobile view but didn't see anything. thanks
  2. Hi BaNgan, Sorry, it's confidential at the moment. Surely, these questions don't rely on a specific installation? Are there not general guidelines for doing these things? I'll go back & look through the Design and Templates sections of help. FWIW it shouldn't be this difficult. thanks.
  3. Hi all - I'm not sure if this requires creating/editing CSS - would rather avoid that if possible - but 2 things I'm trying to figure out if possible: 1) I want more space on my homepage for the header logo, or, a way to make the logo wider. It seems to be limited to 1200px & 30% of the header width. 2) Is there a way to add & center a logo or image over a background image? BONUS QUESTION 🙂 : Can I add a color/background to my site header or other sections without it being applied to other page sections? (This seems to be mentioned in the 7.1 guide, but I haven't found the exact method to do this. thanks!
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