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  1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve already tried both of them, but they won’t work for me as the resulting lines are not at all responsive — meaning that with the first code snip, as the OP put it, ‘The line only expands from the right off the page, and doesn’t expand on the left side.’ I managed to change the left margin so that the line begins from where I want it to (right after the website’s overall margin), but then I have to set where it stops manually, by percentage (%) or size (px) — resulting in a line that can look okay on desktop view on the particular screen I’m working at the moment, but will go beyond the edge of my website’s overall magin when in mobile view. The same goes for this thread’s second solution with the code block; I got the exact same problem.
  2. Hi, sorry, forgot about that. You can now see it live here: https://ladybug-vuvuzela-psmw.squarespace.com.
  3. Site URL: https://ladybug-vuvuzela-psmw.squarespace.com Hoping someone can help. I am trying to add some horizontal lines in my website, but I need them to occupy the full width (minus the website’s overall margins) of any screen view — in other words to appear in desktop view like the do in mobile. Thanks.
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