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  1. All good Paul. I dont know who you are actually. Nothing is personal. Posting here may tweak the ears of the people with the power within SS... maybe? Thanks for your input.
  2. Take a note out of Shopify's book. Learn how they have developed a hosted 'ecommerce' platform for their customers that would be close to the equivalent to what squarespace has done for providing clean, attractive mobile friendly 'websites' to their customers. They are probably one of the largest hosted platforms online that market themselves very well. I dont like some of the things that Shopify does. Squarespace could pick up the slack and really grow their business to the next level - if they really wanted to. It's so much easier to get more sales from existing cust
  3. Hi Paul, What's missing? I work with one specific client that I have built something on a different platform. They have over 2500 existing clients. Not including organic traffic. Tell me how with squarespace - an existing client can have a login that then immediately brings up their company and shipping details including previous purchases and payment methods that may have been saved in the backend? Plus, SS simple template layouts are designed for very small inventories. a few clothes or photos... im talking about a real ecommerce store with thousands of products. Customer
  4. Just wondering when squarespace is going to bring out any real online store templates? The templates that are available - let's be honest they are not really online store templates. Maybe there are some peeps that know they are coming? Im thinking about moving clients to other platforms. I love squarespace, but they need to step it up to keep up...
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