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  1. Site URL: https://brshadley-sporting-report.com/ Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that tracks the number of times a post has been read (viewed) and would ideally allow sorting (in a summary blog) based on the same data. I've done quite a bit of searching, but haven't come across any plugins with that functionality. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Ben
  2. Site URL: https://brshadley-sporting-report.com/ Hello, thanks in advance for any help. I'd like to a line to the bottom of my fixed header on mobile. Squarespace 7.0, Brine template. I was able to achieve this on desktop (code: .Header { border-bottom: 2px solid #ffc330; }), but it doesn't transfer to mobile and I haven't been able to find any code that works on mobile. Any help appreciated. Ben
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