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  1. I found it! : ) In case you need it in modify/style/space of the site
  2. I made a small drawig to give you an idea of my problem: I would needto modify the frame in which the blocks are placed. This frame is by default coded quite far from the left side and I would need to very close to this left.
  3. Site URL: http://www.notyetpublished.com Hello everyone, I am editing my site offline, I am a beginner, I was able to follow a lot of tutorials on Youtube and web to master the basics of the interface, but it is limited on moving the blocks beyond the margins defined by the theme I have chosen. I would like to adjust my blocks farther from the left edges of my page and also be able to widen beyond the limit that is set on the right, to have larger blocks. Now I'm working on the Footer first. So I would need to know the procedure on the blocks of my footer first, thank you in advance. : )
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