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  1. @creedon I followed your steps from the earlier link you sent and the steps you provided and it worked! Thank you, really appreciate the help!
  2. @creedon thanks appreciate the help!
  3. @creedon hi yes it is! I would just like the items in the cart to link to the corresponding product page that I have created, not the one SS has created. Thanks
  4. @tuanphan Yes exactly! Here are the links: https://www.santos.studio/shop https://www.santos.studio/cart I have messaged you the password to the website, thanks!
  5. Hi all! I'm wondering if its possible to redirect the clickable link attached to the product on the 'shopping cart' page to redirect to another page on my site. Reason being, I made my website so that people are not shopping on the shopping page directly, but i've designed a separate page where they can still shop the product because the shopping page can only allow for so much layout customization. When people click the product on the shopping cart page it directs them to the shopping page that I don't want them to go to. If anyone can help me with redirecting the link that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance
  6. Wondering the answer for this as well. I would like to limit the product of one per person.
  7. @tuanphan Having the exact same issue as @GretelVause! I copy and pasted the add to cart button code into the footer and after inputting the code that was provided to remove the icon into Custom CSS, unfortunately the icon is still there.
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