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  1. OK! I added the code to the index page instead of custom CSS and it worked! woo hoo!
  2. Unfortunately, that's not working. I assume I need to use the collection ID? /* remove mobile header */ #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .mobile-bar {display: none !important;}
  3. Site URL: https://wildheartdesign.com/rising-star Hi everyone. I know this has been addressed before, but none of the answers I've found have worked. I have a set of pages that I am using as quiz results , so I want the headings and footings removed. Works fine on desktop, but I can't get mobile to work. The site URL I gave is the page I am testing it on. I am using Custom CSS. Here's what I have now (that's not working) #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .Header.Header--top, #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .Header.Header--bottom, #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .Header--overlay, #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .Footer, #collection-5fee23c8634c4829a855a962 .mobile-bar {display: none !important;} Footer doesn't show up on mobile, but I can't get rid of the header (branding and navigation) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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