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  1. Thanks Derrick. I entered my domain (ecosaltpools.com ) via the link you provided and under the heading, 'Domain Status : ' it says ....'clientTransferProhibited' Does this mean I CAN'T transfer my ( google )domain to use with a Website I built using Squarespace (and have paid to be hosted by Siteground )? Thanks for your help with my newbie questions !
  2. Hi Derrick, thanks for the reply. I followed the prompts on the Squarespace process for transferring my existing domain (ecosaltpools.com) so maybe it needs more time. I've seen a couple of references to taking 24-72 hours ( instantaneous internet? )so maybe I will just have to be more patient. A bit disappointed that the SS help /support tab only provides a drop down menu of common issues and not access to a web chat for example. I'm totally new to all this so perhaps I have unreallistic expectations. Thanks heaps for your reply
  3. Hi, I trialled the Squarespace product, built a website and then paid $300 for a 12 month plan over 24 hours ago. I imported the domain that I own and when I now try to locate my new website, I get the message "Safari cannot open the page because the website cannot be found." Can you please shed any light on why this is the case ? Kind regards, Oceanair
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