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  1. Thank you so much for responding bangank36! I have added the code snippet to my site and I am getting a full date on my home page. However, I noticed one thing that isn't working as intended. The full date that is now showing is the day before the publication date. In this case, I published the post on Feb 28, 2021 but on my site it reads "Feb 27, 2021". Is there something that can be done to fix this? Thanks again!!
  2. Site URL: http://chriscampos.com I would like to customize my foundry template so that when publishing a post it includes the full date, including the year. For example, right now the date on a post I made in October says "Oct 25" but I would like it to say "Oct 25, 2020". I have upgraded to a business plan to allow for customizations. I have also searched this forum and other sites for the right code to add as a "code injection" but haven't found anything that works. I would truly appreciate any help with this issue. Thanks!!
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