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  1. Thank you for taking the time to look over our site and give us feedback! We really appreciate it. Everything you said was very helpful - we'll start making adjustments.
  2. Site URL: https://www.moonmazestudio.com/ Hi! We just launched our first site on Squarespace. We're sharing it here with community for any general feedback. https://www.moonmazestudio.com/ Thanks a bunch!
  3. Site URL: https://www.moonmazestudio.com/whoweare Hi! We just launched our site and new to custom coding. We want to make the image on our Who We Are page slightly smaller so that it balances out with our bios. Can someone help us with that? Thanks in advance!
  4. Site URL: https://www.moonmazestudio.com/ Hi! We just published our site a few minutes (!!!) and noticed that the logo on the mobile version doesn't always appear. When we refresh the page, the logo does show up, but the custom form, located at the bottom of the home page and also in the contact us page, disappears. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? We appreciate any feedback the community has. Thanks!
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