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  1. The headline things is fixed now, thanks! I missed the updated code, so with the correct one the problem got fixed. Thanks so much! Is there a way to get help with 1 & 3 in here as well?
  2. Hi! Thanks! Nothing happened though, the word "greenwashingkampanjerna" is still split in two, se screenshot. How do I go about fixing the 1 & 3 with Javascript?
  3. Site URL: https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/grontvattat Hi! I've tried different solutions found in this forum with no success, so here it goes: https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/grontvattat (password Greenery2021) This blog is in Swedish, and I have three difficulties: 1) I can't seem to change the "Read more" link to Swedish. I've tried changing to Sweden in settings, which didn't do anything. Which code should I put in the CSS to change this? 2) Also, is there a way to stop the headlines from cutting long words? Perhaps an automatic scaling of headline size to avoid this? (Example in the second blogpost from the top: "Fick nog – nu avslöjar hon greenwashingkampanjerna" where the last word is getting chopped in two) 3) I have no luck changing the date format to a Swedish one. I would like either in Swedish (for example 15 februari 2021) or day/month-year like this: 15/2-2021. Last option is yearmonthday, like this: 210215 How do I change this?
  4. Site URL: https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com Hi! I'm building a campaign website and I'm having trouble with automatic scaling of some of the images. https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com Password: Greenery2021 On the start page and on https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/om-kampanjen it's a black/white image with green hand and green text that's getting cropped. And on https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/greenwashingfakta it's the top image (B/W image with green paint on). I've tried different codes I found in the forum in similar threads, but none worked. Please help!
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