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  1. Update. Lightbox anything support got back to me, and their code addition below worked. So simple. Im going to restart my router anyway because we were the only household I know of having the issue with lazy images in the first place. Thanks, Don "To fix the issue, add this code to Code Injection below the plugin code:" <style> .c-lightbox .gallery-slideshow-item-img { opacity: 1; } </style>
  2. Thanks, I will try that. Strange that all others who checked the set so far have been fine except out house. 🙂 Ill let you know.
  3. Update Squarespace Support working with me through chat. And of course they can see all the slides fine, and sent me video evidence. 🙂 They recommended browser cache cleanup and updating making sure javascript was enabled and so on. They could not replicate may problem. I tried all that and private and incognito windows in Safari and Chrome after emptying cache. Still have missing images though some more showed up that weren't before. I tried through the other two computers in my home and had the same results of missing images. They moved me to email, support. Any help wo
  4. I had another issue that on the same pages but a different subject. Started a new thread here:
  5. Site URL: https://www.aawcollective.com/adequate-earth-exhibition I have website (in 7.1) for an online art exhibition. A main page narrative with artist's pages off that. Several of the artist pages have gallery slideshows. The Gallery Slideshows function perfectly on their own page like this: https://www.aawcollective.com/adequate-earth-helen-glazer However the exhibition concept involves having the individual artists presentations open in light boxes using Lightbox Anything plug-in off of a main exhibition narrative here: https://www.aawcollective.com/adequate-ea
  6. The nth-child code didn't seem to work as expected. It turned all the captions red even thought 5 was specified and when I change the number, none were turned red. The biggest issue is I need only PART part of a caption to be effected. The hack with HTML in gallery description block worked a treat. I guess I will just have to be prepared to delete the code if it breaks. I would hope there is a fix for this hole in the functionality for 7.1 coming. Thanks, Don
  7. Thanks for responses. I will give these a try and let you know. Don
  8. Site URL: https://www.aawcollective.com/shaun-oboyle-visual-dissonance-caption-test Hello, I am at my wits end, but I am sure there is someone here who has had to do this before, or would know how. I have searched the forums and found promising threads, but none specify for this, and none worked for me. I have Slideshow Galleries in 7.1 and I need to format parts of the captions (descriptions). The images are artwork, and they have Artist, Title, Year under them. The Title must be in italics. I know there is no HTML editing of them in 7.1 (which is such glaring omission) as t
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