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  1. Site URL: http://marshallarachnids.com Hey, me again! On the desktop version of my site, the keywords and title of the pages in the results that show in the search preview are a dark gray color that obviously does not contrast well with the black background. How do I change those specific words to the same color as the rest of the purplish font, which is #C382FC ? Thanks in advance!
  2. Site URL: http://marshallarachnids.com Hello! My desktop site looks great, but on mobile, the search bar is nestled inside of the header navigation menu and has the same font as the header text, which is hard to read in the search bar. Is there a way to exclude the search bar font from this, or change it?
  3. bangank36, I tried this with my site, and it worked, but now the categories to the right are just cut off completely. Is there a way to wrap the text onto the next line? Set a maximum width for this, perhaps, that only applies to the mobile version? TIA!
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