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  1. Hello I added several codes on top of each section to guide the table of content i had on top of my page. So the spacing between section(I've changed the spacing of each section to 0) is increased by one line of code. Even though I could get rid of the text inside the code, to make it look like a blank space. But the white spacing between each section now looks awkwardly large. I asked Squarespace help and they said it could be possible to reduce the spacing with custom CSS. I wonder if anyone here could maybe lend a hand. (I had absolutely no coding knowledge... or maybe just a little bit of python which is not helping here) Thanks a lot!! Stacey
  2. Hello I wonder if it's possible to have multiple colours in one sentence. When I enter the edit mode, there seems to have no choice of editing the colour of text. Like this, in this sentence, there's red, yellow and blue. btw I'm still in trial mode right now, but I'm liking square space right now, and most likely gonna pay for the student plan with my university's email. So if an upgrade can solve this issue it would be great! Thank you!
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