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  1. hi thanks, above code adds a white background to the logo. what i want to achieve is add a transparent bar for the navigation bar and the logo. sharing an example below: Let me know if it is possible to achieve this. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I want to add transparency to header of my website. Currently my logo is not clearly visible, if i add some transparency it will be visible. i have attached a photo of my issue for reference. Please help any way of doing this. thanks.
  3. Hey, thanks a ton, issue 1 is solved. Issue 2, once i enter the code, it centers the logo, but messes up in the tablet view. instead is there a way to align the tagline to the logo (keep them left aligned)? Again thanks for your help.
  4. Issue 1 solution thanks for your reply. but when I enter the code it collapses all the options but does not open the sub menu once i click on the "+" sign. because of which one cannot see the content of sub categories. any ways to solve that? Issue 2- website is called www.studio707deigns.com Thanks
  5. Hi, I am using Forte template for my website. I am having 2 issues while using mobile version. Issue 1: when i click on the index option in the mobile version its shows me all the options collapsed. what i want is to be able to click on "+" to see options. I have attached photo of the issue for reference. Issue 2: I want the tagline below the Logo. It seems to center it Can someone please help with the code.
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