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  1. Hi anyone knows how to create two different announcement bar for two language pages? Right now it seems I can only create 1 announcement bar .. Appreciate any help!
  2. Hi I encounter the same issues here, the cover page image and the banner in Homepage are not resized for mobile view. Also the button position moved. Any solution? The code above looks doesn't work for me https://thisisedenhk.squarespace.com/ pw: edenhk Thanks so much!
  3. Ok, thanks for showing this How about the footer in the shopping cart page? How to hide the one of other language?
  4. Hi I am looking for ways to get all the texts in shopping cart & checkout page translated to Chinese. Any code helps? Also I managed to hide Eng footer from Ch pages, or Ch footer from Eng pages.. except in the shopping cart page, I'm not sure where to add the code.. any help will be so much appreciated!
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