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  1. @tuanphanI have not solved this yet -- just decided on a gradient background that works for both spaces and the changing text color on each page. I do have another question -- I have a home page with: <picture1> <text 1 & button> <text 2 & button> <picture2> <picture3> <text 3 & button> Looks great on desktop, but mobile the order is messed up. I would prefer to have all three photos above the text. I know squarespace does this because it reads left to right and stacks blocks accordingly on mobile. What is a good code
  2. Site URL: https://www.urbanpawspets.com/ I added a variant drop down to my website. On mobile devices, clicking the variant drop down automatically zooms in the screen, forcing the user to readjust the screen after selecting a variant. Any CSS code to fix this? Also, is there a way to adjust the "width" of the variant drop down button on desktop view? Right now the width is the entire screen which looks a little bizarre. Thank you.
  3. Site URL: https://www.urbanpawspets.com/ Hey Guys, I have added some custom CSS code to style the navigation drop down menus. The problem I am running into is: on the HOME page the dropdown and menu header has white text (and looks good with a semi-opaque dropdown background). When I move to a different page on the site, the menu header has blue text. Is there a way to customize the background of the drop-down menu in relation to the "design theme" or specific to a certain page? So the home page with white text has a XXX background, and the other pages with blue header text have
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