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  1. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I'm still a bit unsure how to proceed... I've previously managed websites for another non profit and a small business, and it seems like there needs to be a personal 'site owner' - easy in the case of the small business, and the non-profit which was really the project of one person - but there is no owner in this case. When setting up a Squarespace account, it has first & last name - no option to set up an organization account. So, as they have no custom email addresses for the organization (they use a webform to send email contacts to their personal em
  2. We want to move a community group's website from a Wordpress site over to a new Squarespace site. Does it have to be under an individual's account? The people who will build and maintain the site are not the people who are responsible for paying for the plan, the domain etc (that's the committee chair and secretary) - and any of these people are likely to change fairly regularly. We do have a domain name already which is being transferred to the group, and I think it would be better to keep that where it is currently hosted (with an Australian company).
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