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  1. Can you try it again, it wouldn't work in safari but worked in chrome for me. The page that I am trying to figure out is under the heading "work"
  2. https://gardenia-mandolin-besh.squarespace.com/config/pages/5fb82bc32ad3d329581d7a49 password - 1234 I did see your link but when I pasted that nothing happened.
  3. Hi there, really dusty with coding and this seems like it should be simple but I haven't found an answer... I am trying to create a hover on portfolio page images, where the image becomes slightly faded and the title does a quick (.5sec) fade in on a hover, center of the image. That's it. I found the code to do it with a gallery caption (although it doesn't include the fade and the margin code seems to pull the images beneath up rather than just the title) but it doesn't work when I try it with portfolio. .gallery-caption p{color:white!important} .gallery-caption {text-align:c
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