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  1. I did a bit of research on this issue and found out that there is limited support for Serbian language for the Tisa font on Adobe. Maybe it would be all fine had I tried out switching to some other regional language that is supported and has all of our glyphs, but I hadn't thought of it at the time. We switched to Roboto Slab, which works perfectly. So, I think that this issue is not entirely to SQS.
  2. I did it. I bought a hosting plan with my domain provider, created a subdomain (forum.plavoizeleno.rs) and placed a phpBB forum into in. My domain provider gives several something like four subdomains that I could create under the registered domain. I could register more with a bigger hosting plan. You usually get several e-mail addresses which also comes in handy in cases like these. Then I created a link within the site, and it works perfectly for now.
  3. Site URL: http://plavoizeleno.rs Hello, I would like some help with our fonts breaking on site in both mobile and desktop versions. We are using FF Tisa Pro fonts for our headlines, and our site is in Serbian language. We chose this font specifically because it was developed by someone who is using our local latin glyphs, like Ć, Č, Ž for example. But for some reason the display of those glyphs in our site looks broken on both the desktop and mobile version. The password for our site is edited out because site is live.
  4. Site URL: http://plavoizeleno.rs Hello, For our site I would like to add a phpBB forum. We are using a connected domain, being that squarespace is not supporting the domain that we wanted. We are considering an option to use a hosting with our domain provider and to host a forum in a subdomain of our domain, for example to have http://forum.plavoizeleno.rs and to just add a link on out site to that page. I would like to confirm that something like that is possible being that we are using a connected domain. I already tried linking the external forum created for free just to try it out, and it worked.
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