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  1. Thanks! Not solved, but a baffling new twist (literally!): If I load in one orientation (either portrait/landscape) on a mobile device, the embeds fail to render. However if I then turn the device on its side so portrait goes to landscape or vice versa, the embeds load properly. And then if I turn the device back to its original orientation, the embeds stay correct. Can't see myself adding this instruction to the top of the page, but it may be a clue to the behaviour. Devices: iPad, iPhone. Don't have access to Android currently
  2. Site URL: https://www.thetablehay.com/private-views I am helping a client build this site. We have created a folder of pages, each of which consists of embeds of Instagram TV videos. On the desktop, each embed is complete, with title and description underneath. On mobile (tablet and phone) each embed renders differently, some cutting through the frame at the bottom, some cutting through the description (ie. horizontally through the text), and some are complete to match the desktop version (this seems to be the behaviour of the last video on the page). Squarespace will not address this bug as
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