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  1. 1. Nice minimal look and feel, very suitable for the sort of product you are selling 2. It's a shame (on desktop) that you don't get to see the products without scrolling. 3. Blog section is a little short on content. The article itself is hard to read with text centred. Consider how you want to speak to your customers. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't talk to them with a list of bullet points 🙂 4. In the shop section, there's not much point in displaying items that are 'sold out' towards the top of the list (if at all). People can't buy them! Consider removing them or having the ab
  2. Overall the site looks great, to me anyway. A few comments: 1. Consider placing your contact details more prominently. After all, you want people to call you, and Google to know your phone number! 2. I like your strapline - "PLAYFUL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A PURPOSE." However I have to scroll to see it (on desktop), and the first image isn't completely clear that you are a product photography business. Consider the order of your images and placement of the strapline so that it's clear what you do within 3-5 seconds, and no effort from the user. 3. The scrolling home page is a
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