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  1. hello, thank you for this. i think it will work if i can get the buttons to line up side by side instead of stacked on top of each other. so, all icons lined up evenly at the top of the screen. is that possible?
  2. i'm trying to find a way for my cover page image to resize in mobile view (flatiron template). currently, it gets in the way of the navigation buttons in mobile. i know this is a problem that a ton of people have had but i can't seem to find a code that works. if possible to resize and move the navigation buttons to the top/in line with the social icons when in mobile view, that would work too. any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. this worked perfectly. thank you. can this be made to work for the social media icon buttons as well?
  4. i have buttons on my home/cover page in the "outline" style (flatiron-template). the font within the buttons changes to black during the hover over effect. is there a custom css code that allows me to change the color to something else during the hover? any advice/help would be appreciated
  5. i will eventually need to have more than one clickable, so i added the forward slash to the @tuanphan code, as per your suggestion and it worked. thanks, guys. this has been driving me crazy for a while.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to remove the ability for users to click through on certain Thumbnail/Banner Images within an Index page on a site using the flatiron template. Specifically, the images that represent routes 2-10. any advice / help would be appreciated.
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