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  1. I am sorry Tuanphan. I just saw your suggestions. I am a volunteer working on community website. I would like to go through your suggestions. Are you suggesting to add < and > buttons to reduce text on this page. By clicking < and > , user can view previous or next page. Thanks , Nitin Kanaskar
  2. Worked like charm. Thanks so much for your prompt response! Nitin Kanaskar
  3. Site URL: https://www.foilrar.org/newsletters_new hello On my webpage - https://www.foilrar.org/newsletters_new - which is completely created using code block, many elements have default margin and/or padding space. I believe it is the squarespace default. Is not there a way to override these default margins/padding ? I have attached example H1 element and the margin around it pointed by arrow with the browser inspect mode. Any help/guidance is highly appreciated. Thanks, Nitin Kanaskar
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