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  1. It looks like the anomaly continues to exist 3 months later...
  2. Hi, Here is something I have not been able to find instructions for, or posts about. I am a bit frustrated with the very "light" instructions provided by Squarespace concerning subscription products. If I provide weekly subscription products to my clients via local delivery, when exactly will my clients be billed? Will they be billed on a specific day of the week, or every 7 days after they subscribed? Or are they going to be billed manually every time I fulfill their weekly orders? Furthermore, If I have to delay a weekly subscription renewal, how much time in ad
  3. Thanks SpencerC. This is a great feature to have for us that only offer local delivery.
  4. Site URL: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205811238#toc-create-regional-and-local-shipping-zones Hi, My business only offers local delivery (no shipping, no local pick up) which is restricted to a couple of zip codes. We can't service areas outside of these two zip codes. My question is: Will the Shipping Zones by City feature included in SquareSpace's Commerce Advance Plan automatically reject orders from zip codes other than the ones I specify in the shipping rule? (Please click on the URL link to see SquareSpace's description of the shipping zones featur
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