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  1. If it helps for anyone who finds this question later, I found a second fairly simple solution, though a bit more annoying if you're handing the site off to a client. I added my text into the code block that has the Font Awesome Icon and html styled it within there with spaces and line breaks, and was able to get it even with that.
  2. Hey there, Having the same issues over here, do you find a way to align the icon to the line of text? Thanks.
  3. I have a series of portfolio item pages I have nested underneath one 'Services' Portfolio Page, so that the individual item pages are organised 'services/slug.' I'm using a pop-out style Mobile Menu across all screen sizes, and I'd like the individual Portfolio Pages to show in that menu, instead of just 'Services' so that it's easier to navigate. Alternatively I could use a Folder, but that also looks a bit bad on mobile as it has an arrow through instead of showing the pages. Does anyone have know how to display the individual Portfolio Item Pages underneath the
  4. Just wanted to say thanks, that bit of css sorted my issues with image transparency in image cards!
  5. Hiya, I'm trying to do something really basic, but struggling a bit with the css. I'd like to overlap an element, specifically a .png image with a transparent image over the section below it. I found this useful: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/158707-overlap-images-and-sections-with-71/ --> /* remove section bottom padding */ [data-section-id="5ddd4eb4522cc3312c5226a6"] .content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0 !important; } /* remove overflow hidden */ div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1587085802684_25650 .image-block-wrapper { overflow: visible !important; } /* overlap i
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