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  1. Site URL: https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com Hey guys, i have the product page with 3 same-level main pages. You can browse there using 3 links in navigation. What i need to do, is make different button link for every page, because i need navigate visitors of website to different places depending on who is the user. 3 main pages and types of visitors: Pro uživatele (For users) – http://onelink.to/s5tgqq (leading to different stores depending on platform) Pro restaurace (For restaurants) – typeform script Pro obsluhu (For waiters) – same typeform script https://qerkoweb.squaresp
  2. Site URL: https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com Hey guys, i am just creating a new product page and there is a few last things that i need to figure out. https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com/ pass: itspaid One of them, and the tough one i guess – I need to open a youtube video after click on image in hero section. Ideally, i want to open it in something like pop up lightbox, because i don't want users to exit this page. I cant use a video block, because it shows video too small and thumbnail is small and cropped. I tried it and you can see it here: https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com/ One
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