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  1. Hi, Understand that there are 3 ways to implement GA on Squarespace, 1) GTM, 2) External KPI Keys or the 3) Code Injection way. I need to satisfy 2 criteria, E-commerce tracking & Cross-domain tracking. The GTM way will not allow for e-commerce tracking so I can only consider 2 & 3. Method 2 does not allow for me to edit the codes to include linker for cross-domain tracking, so I can only use method 3. Now I am hitting a road block because I don't know how to use method 3, while having my e-commerce data tracked on GA (based on what I have tried, e-comms tracking only wo
  2. Hi, many customers are missing out their unit number & its causing problems operationally. Was wondering if I can edit the second address field in the checkout form to be "Unit Number" & mark it required as well. Thanks!
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