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  1. As I say it is the Business Plan and it is in 7.1 I would create a specific page for an individual client to view - which I could include password protect obviously - and add a series of photos using one Inline Block per photo. Squarespace recognises each image file name so long as I allow it enough time to digest it before clicking on "Apply" and it then gets into the Alt-Text. I could add a Caption by copy and pasting the file name but that is long and tedious if there are more than a handful of photos. What I would like to achieve is that the file name automatically goes into the
  2. Hi, I am using 7.1 in the Business Plan. I am rewriting a huge old website which was written mainly in Dreamweaver CS6. I am a photographer and am self-taught in HTML / CSS so some aspects I am very familiar with and some not at all. Therefore please accept my apologies if I am wasting your time. Anyway, I am creating pages for photo galleries. These are simply from blank new pages to which I add various Sections. Then within the appropriate Section I add photos using the basic Inline Block and the user gets to see each photo from the top downwards by scrolling. This is my preferred
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