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  1. @LKW You can add custom CSS to hide price. In general i would not recommend to do it, as it makes everything more complicated and harder to do maintenance. I assume there are nicer ways to solve the problem. I just added custom code in "advanced page settings", which says: <style> .product-price { display:none } </style> Keep in mind that you need to display the price somehow. In my case i just added the price as part of the product name. Not perfect, but a workaround.
  2. Site URL: https://flyhighyoga.com/shop Hi all, i have an online shop with two categories (Accessories and Trainings). Each of the categories includes 3+ Products. For a marketing campaign i want to offer a discount on selected items. To be more precise i want to offer a discount for 2 Product of one category (which has 3 products) AND i want to only have one discount code. Options i can: add discount per product (would end with two different discount codes, which i don't want) add discount per category (this would include more products as i want to include)
  3. Site URL: https://flyhighyoga.com/events-trainings/50h-training-october-2020-mexico Hi all, i would love to add an Header image to an event detailpage, so that the page looks more pretty. I just was not able to find a way to add a header image. Any help is appreciated. This is how the header looks like at the moment: This is what i want the header to look like: (Pic with some H1)
  4. @paul2009 thanks for your input. I had the same idea of adding a product just for the deposit. But that seems to be to complex for the person handling the orders 😄i might just hide the price for the product (i figured out you can hide the pricing for specific tags) and add the price to the dropdown. Which is not a very clean solution, but works for now.
  5. Hi, i'm in the process of setting up an online shop. We will sell physical products and workshops. For the workshops we want to offer two price variants: Full Price 1000USD and Deposit 250USD (to secure your spot) In the store front it says: price start from 250USD (which is just not true and misleading) Does anyone have an idea, how i can hide the deposit variant from the store front, so that it always display the 1000USD as price. And only on the detailpage they can select the different variants from the dropdown? Any help is appreciated.
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