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  1. I'm interested in this too. I tried using MailChimp's integration w/ code injection, but that only enabled pop up subscription and re-targeting. There is an option to inject code into the Squarespace order confirmation page, and the fact that it has a list of items you can pass on (customer email address, order id, order total, etc) makes me hopeful that this might work... but how to get it to work exceeds my coding knowledge. I totally assumed that this would be possible with Zapier, but that's only the form submission block. I would appreciate any help here as well!
  2. Totally agree. I think I saw somewhere that Squarespace is working on bringing over some of the permissions/audiences/etc controls from ss5 to ss6, but that they couldn't give a timeline for it. (Sorry, I can't remember where exactly I saw this otherwise I'd link.) @XNBoston - are you using the built-in "post by email" feature? Because this is how I'm going to be working around this issue. (It'll work if you don't mind the posts getting published automatically. It'd be nice if emailed posts could be added as drafts instead! But.. nope.) I tested this out, and it seems to work this way: An
  3. +1 from me too. I've been using ss5 and trying out ss6, and contributor settings is the one place where the lack of control is making difficult to figure out how my site will be able to move over successfully.
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